The Marketing Factory develops distinctive creative concepts and marketing tools for entrepreneurs (in particular female entrepreneurs), companies, and brands in the Netherlands and Belgium, thus contributing to the added value of the client’s brand identity and the results arising from this. The products developed by The Marketing Factory relate to: branding, communications, corporate identity, concepts, marketing, social media, graphic design, websites, and online stores. The Marketing Factory offers designs with a focus on simplicity and a distinctive look and feel. We have a passion for our field, as well as many years of experience, and we have a particular affinity with marketing and branding within the female-oriented sectors.


‘The client takes centre stage within the creative process as we go the extra mile in terms of the effort and drive evident in every phase of the personal collaboration, producing innovative results with which the client can set itself apart from the competition.’


Innovation & Creativity – The Marketing Factory ontwikkelt op een grensverleggende manier nieuwe ideeën en producten door continu op de hoogte te zijn van de laatste trends en nieuwe trends te ontwikkelen. Hierdoor is het mogelijk vooruitstrevend en creatief te werk te gaan in de uitwerking van onze ideeën en producten.

Personal Approach – We like to work with our clients in a friendly, confidential, and personal manner. The client takes centre stage throughout the process, and we go the extra mile in our efforts. This working method is part of the DNA of The Marketing Factory thanks to our roots in the hospitality sector.

Professional advice, made to measure – Professionalism through solid knowledge of the field and years of experience in previous projects contribute to our ability to devise and develop professional marketing tailored to the client.



The Marketing Factory serves ambitious entrepreneurs, companies, and brands, with a central focus on female-oriented sectors and the consumer experience. Our client is more than just a client. They are a sparring partner, a friend who we like to visit and have a coffee with, and they have the same kind of DNA as we do and are also looking to build a long-term working relationship.



The Marketing Factory offers a unique approach (we like to do things differently), great personal dedication (we work with great passion and enjoyment), and professional advice tailored to the client (every client, sector, and company is different, and a tailored approach is essential). The Marketing Factory is comprised of a small team and works with the best independent professionals on a project-by-project basis. We link all aspects together. For instance, we work for new businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs as well as well-known SMEs such as Sessibon and brands such as Sans Soucis. We take a personal approach to helping strengthen a brand with our great eye for detail and innovation.

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‘Young, dynamic, and with enormous drive! Right from the start of a new project, the client takes centre stage in the creative thought process. The team goes the extra mile in guiding the client through the process. The youthful character of the design is striking and appealing. The dynamism of the team is reflected in the concept and the drive is visible in every phase of the collaboration!’